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Environmental management system

ISO 14001

What is it? Frequently asked questions, advantages and how to achieve it.

ISO 14001

ISO14001 is an international standard targed at organisation of any kind and size.

This rule is one of a series ISO14000, developed by ISO/TC 207.

The certification ISO specifies requirements of an environmental management system, which is easy to integrate with ISO9001 e ISO45001.

The certificate of conformity allows the company to present a competitive visual identity on the market. On the other side, an environmental management system allows the company to:

  • monitor environmental performance
  • present a competitive business image on the market
  • partecipate in environmental protection

Uni en iso14001 is a rule increasingly required by business managers, since stakeholders’ focus is on environmental protection, especially nowadays because of the numerous warnings from economic and political world.

On the other hand, the certification demonstrates that the organisation has implemented an appropriate management system to monitor environmental impact of its activities.

So the standard ISO 14001 is an ideal instrument to set up a widespread virtuous system: it will create a corporate circuit that can provide guarantees of reliability and ecosustainability, if the adherence to the environmental certification will be considered by the companies like the criteria for choosing their suppliers on par with quality and price of supply.

Require ISO14001 certification


Is it obligatory?

No, it isn’t, but it’s increasingly demanded in international market.

What’s it for?

It serves to prove the implementation of environmental management system, by the company.

Who can require it?

Any company or organisation, in any sectors or size, can require it.


It allows to protect the company’s assets in case of mergers

It supports business managers into technological change decisions

It improves communication with supervisory authority

It prevents environmental offence

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25 August 2020

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