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Occupational health and safety management system

ISO 45001

What is it? Frequently asked questions, advantages and how to achieve it

ISO 45001

ISO45001 is an international standard targed at organisation of any kind and size.

The certification specifies requirements of management system, health and occupational safety which are easy to integrate with ISO9001 e ISO14001.

The certificate of conformity allows the company to present a competitive visual identity on the market. On the other side, an occupational health and safety management, with a specific guidance for its implementation, allows to:

  • spread the concept of safety inside the company
  • improve risk control
  • decrease the danger of incurring administrative penalties

For the next three years after the issuance of the rule (until 2021 at the latest) both the certification issued in the face of ISO45001 and in the face of OHSAS18001:2007 will be valid.

After the deadline, the certifications issued in the face of BS OHSAS 18001 will no longer have value.

Require ISO45001 certification


Is it obligatory?

No, it isn’t, but it’s increasingly demanded in international market.

What’s it for?

It serves to prove the implementation of occupational health and safety management system.

Who can require it?

Any company or organisation, in any sectors or size, can require it.


Substantial reduction of accidents at work

Improvement of business image in the international arena

Reduction in costs related to insurance policy

Improvement of regulatory compliance

News ISO 45001

ISO 37001: governance of organisations

28 February 2022

ISO 37001: governance of organisations

The aim of publication of this standard ISO 37001 is to provide the organisations with tools which allow the good government to exist, in an ethical and simple way.

The supply chain and security

22 June 2021

The supply chain and security

The supply chain and the security need to be considered as intertwined elements.

On the other hand, the effectiveness and the efficiency of the final product depend on all stages of the process that lead to customer final consumption, including the logistics itself.

ISO 45001 and corporate security

25 July 2020

ISO 45001 and corporate security

Covid19 forced companies to run for cover by implementing the worker management and safety system, known by the name of ISO 45001.

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