Quality management system

ISO 9001

What is it? Frequently asked questions, advantages and how to achieve it

ISO 9001

ISO9001 is targed at any type of organisation, public or private. The quality certificate follows the international standards to implement a management system, also recognised in public tender.
Managers increasingly require from certification bodies this certificate because visual management is even more oriented to improve the quality of production processes, but also of services since certifications bodies claim/paint the ISO9001 certification as a fundamentale rule to certify the optimisation of all business processes.

They are fundamental to prove to the stakeholders the ability to maintain a high quality level of its product, since the purpose is to encourage the companies to use their resources in the best possible way to achieve the following objectives:

  • improve the competitiveness in markets
  • increased productivity, efficiency and effectiveness
  • opportunity to partecipate in public tenders

For these reasons, ISO9001 is the most famous standard to improve the quality and today it’s used by over a million enterprises worldwide, in more than 180 different countries.

With this standard, the final customer has full confidence that services and/or products provided by certified company correspond to precise specifications and regulations, and that all phases, related to their realization, are organized, controlled, validated.

In full compliance with international standards, the rule ISO9001 is easy to integrate with ISO14001 and ISO45001, issued by ESQCERT and recognised by production market.

Require ISO9001 certification


Is it obligatory?

No, the certification is voluntary, but it’s increasingly demanded in international market.

What’s it for?

It serves to prove the implementation of quality management system.

Who can require it?

Any company or organisation, in any sectors or size, can require it.


It allows to be competitive on the international market

It optimizes the production resources, achieving high-quality product/service

It’s easy to integrate with other ISO certifications

It allow to partecipate in public tenders

News ISO 9001

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