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Circular Economy: UNI Responds. It addresses Questions and Curiosities!

The UNI brochure “Standard & Circular Economy” stands as a pivotal guide in the realm of sustainable development and innovation.

This document, crafted by the Italian Standardization Body (UNI), serves as a comprehensive resource outlining the crucial relationship between standards and the concept of a circular economy.

What is it about?

In detail, the brochure focuses on both national standards, namely UNI/TS 11820:2022 and UNI/TR 11821:2023, as well as the seven international ISO standards that will be published starting from 2024.

Additionally, the brochure refers to the new FAQ page about UNI/TS 11820:2022, which has been compiled following the implementation of the document in various contexts.

The Importance of Standards for a More Sustainable World

The brochure delves into the intricate connection between standards and the practices promoting a circular economy.

It sheds light on how standardized approaches can foster resource efficiency, reduce waste, and enable the reuse, recycling, and upcycling of materials.

It emphasizes the role of standards in harmonizing procedures and fostering innovation that aligns with the principles of the circular economy.

UNI’s publication serves as a beacon for industries, policymakers, and stakeholders seeking guidance in implementing sustainable practices.

It provides insights into how standards can streamline processes, enhance the lifecycle of products, and drive economic and environmental benefits.

The brochure not only highlights the significance of implementing circular economy practices but also emphasizes the role of standards in this transition.

Furthermore, it explores the various sectors that can benefit from the integration of circular economy principles guided by standards.

From manufacturing to waste management, the brochure showcases real-world examples and case studies, elucidating the positive impact of adhering to these standardized practices.


Ultimately, the UNI brochure “Standard & Circular Economy” stands as a testament to the crucial role of standards in driving the transition towards a more sustainable, circular economy.

It serves as an educational and informative tool, offering practical insights into how industries and businesses can integrate these principles into their operations, paving the way for a more resource-efficient and environmentally conscious future.

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