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EU Mission “A Soil Deal for Europe”

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EU Mission “A Soil Deal for Europe”: The EU Invests in Healthy Soils for a Sustainable Future

The European Union (EU) is taking significant steps to protect the health of European soils through its initiative known as “A Soil Deal for Europe.”

This ambitious mission involves an investment of 90 million euros to support 17 new projects, making a substantial contribution to the broader goals of the European Green Deal.

These projects are dedicated to restoring and safeguarding soil health, with the aim of promoting sustainable food production, preserving biodiversity, strengthening climate resilience, and contributing to the objectives of the European Green Deal.

In total, the projects will involve 314 participants from 32 different countries, offering a wide range of benefits for restoring and safeguarding soil health by 2030.

The management of these projects will be entrusted to the European Research Executive Agency (REA).

Through this initiative, the EU is demonstrating a concrete commitment to promoting environmental, agricultural, and food sustainability.

The Importance of Healthy Soils

Why are healthy soils a valuable and vital resource? Because they are fundamental for food production, biodiversity conservation, and climate change control.

However, their health is threatened by various factors, including urbanization, deforestation, and intensive agriculture.

Maintaining healthy soils is essential to ensure a sustainable future.

17 New Projects for Soil Health

The 90 million euro investment will be distributed among 17 distinct projects, each addressing specific aspects of soil health. These projects encompass scientific research, the development of innovative technologies, the promotion of best agricultural practices, and public awareness.

Key Objectives of the Pact

Among the primary objectives of these projects are:

  • Biodiversity Conservation: The soil ecosystem hosts a wide range of organisms vital to life on Earth.
  • Agricultural Sustainability: Preventing soil erosion and the excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Public Awareness: Informing the public about the importance of healthy soils for human well-being and environmental conservation.

“A Soil Deal for Europe”: A Contribution to the Green Deal

In conclusion, the “A Soil Deal for Europe” mission represents a significant step toward a greener and more sustainable Europe.”

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