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ISO 37001: governance of organisations

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The good governance of the organisations is fundamental to sustain the integrity, sustainability and the development, thanks also to ISO 37001.

The aim of publication of the standard ISO 37001 is to provide the organisations with tools which allow the good government to exist, in an ethical and simple way. In other words, one global standard was adopted, regardless of the type or the size of the organisation itself.


Put differently, the standard ISO 37001 is an important tool for prevention of the corruption.


Nowaday, corruptive events pose an increasing real threat to all types of organisations, with negative economic consequences.

The only answer to this situation is an increase in anti-corruption tools. Actually, adopting this regulation goes beyond the mere compliance with minimum legal requirements: it is about trying to adopt a systematic approach turned to a real revolution within company.


The publication of the standard starts from the analysis of the internal and external context. In the first instance, it is necessary to appoint a responsible for anti-corruption who is able to continuously monitor what happens in the workplace through periodic audits with a final report which needs to be submitted to the board.

In this way, ISO 37001 will present itself as a support also for all those entities that legally must comply with requirement in the field of anti-corruption.

At the same time, this tool can present itself as an opportunity for other companies to fight and reduce the corruption, over time.

The standard ISO 37001 together with the standard ISO 9001 are, therefore, an important weapon at the hands of the companies to build a management system which increases the internal quality of the processes and reduces costs, like those of corruption.

In the meantime, a company which achieves standards of quality, like those just mentionated, can appear on the international market with higher reliability in the eyes of the competitors and stakeholders.

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