ISO 45001 and corporate security

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ISO 45001 corporate security

ISO 45001 and corporate safety has become a topic of discussion following the Covid19 pandemic.

ISO 45001 corporate security
ISO 45001 corporate security

Indeed, coronavirus has involved all countries with important repercussions on global production. The companies were forced to run for cover by implementing the worker management and safety system, known by the name of ISO45001. While this remains a voluntary standard, it is increasingly in demand in the last period. In fact, in reality, it is a necessary element to undertake a virtuous path in the protection of worker safety.

It is for this reason that ISO 45001 and safety in companies have become subjects to be treated hand in hand. This is the only way to ensure a safe working life.

But, how can a nwe management system be implemented in an already consolidated company?

The fundamental step to allow an effective and efficient reorganization is defined by point 9.3 of the standard, according to which a management review should take place with a planning of activities to meet the needs and requirements of the historical time we are experiecing.

iso 45001 and corporate security
iso 45001 and corporate security

What changes between BS OHSAS 18001 and ISO 45001?

In 2018, the international UNI EN ISO 45001 standard replaced the previous BS OHSAS 18001 standard. The 3-year migration process.

The fundamental difference lies in the fact that ISO 45001 adopts a greater analysis of the context than the previous standard. It considers all the internal and external elements of an organization.

It is clear that this factor translates for the company into greater prevention for its workers, this fundamental element in the covid period, where nothing can be left to chance, but every little details in the manufacturing process must be analyzed to prevent can turn into a health risk.

The only way to face the transition consciously is to rely on professionals in the sectow who will guide your organization towards the adoption of international standards with professionalism and competence. Only with the adoption of these management system can prevention policies be improced and the company can finally acquire a weapon against employee diseases and accidents.

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