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Quality management: businesses need it

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Quality management: businesses need it

A Quality Management System is the set of the interdependent activities which affect the quality of a product or service.

Quality Management System consists of:

  • an organizational structure
  • processes
  • responsabilities
  • procedures
  • resources
  • people who know what to do
  • know how to do it
  • have the means to do so
  • people who are motivated to do it because there is a common goal

(Source: ISO)


The quality management is a strategic approach which must be the mark of every business sector.
The aim is to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Quality management is a business process that puts the focus on the quality of products and services because the customer satisfaction is the key to success of for any business.

Retaining a customer, indeed, make him automatically a brand promoter.

A quality management implies a deep analysis of company processes to identify areas for improvement.

In this way, it is possible to obtain a cost reduction because QM identify and solves quality problems in a timely-manner, reducing the supply of unsatisfactory services.

The resulting is also a reduced workload. Adopting a QM means supporting not only the customer, but also the workers.


Quality Management must be a systematic orientation that guides business processes towards guarantee the quality of products and services.

The methodologies applied are identification, measurement, monitoring and control of business processes.

Adopting a QM allow the company to maintain high quality standards, set by the company itself or external organizations, as ISO standards (International Organization for Standardization).

In this way, the company improves its competitiveness on the market, other than the aforementioned customer satisfaction and cost reduction.

The regulatory compliance (to ISO standard, for example) is not a secondary aspect.

To date, in fact, there is no company which is exempt from laws and regulations, useful to avoid sanctions, fines o lawsuits, that could cause not only economic but also reputational damage.


A Quality management system is a set of processes and procedures used by an organization to plan, control and improve the quality of products and services.

The key elements of a QMS are the sharing in the organization of quality manuals, standard operating procedures (Sop), registration forms and other relevant documents.

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