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Why communicate the quality management?

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Communication of quality management is a long and challenging process for all the levels of the organization.

The psychological and behavioral impact of this process is exceptional, so much that it affects the choices of stakeholders, especially in international field.


The growing interest of the stakeholders in sustainability and quality of the companies is leading all the organizations to develop methodologies that allow to assess the impacts of their own activities inside and out their context.
In support of this new trend, the reference standards represent an important tool to guide corporate behaviour.

In particular, labels and certifications are the universal language to communicate to stakeholders their own committment and their achievements aiming for a mission of a common interest, that is environmental protection in general and in particular of the working world.


Labels and certifications are defined according to the international standards, that are the standard ISO. Thanks to the these regulations, it is possible to designate common rules that everyone must follow in order to obtain the expected recognition.
For instance, if a company is concerned about launching their superiority in environmental protection, it can rely on environmental labels of type I, but there are also envornmental labels of type II which are instead granted to the companies which proceed via self-declaration.

Lastly, there are also environmental labels of type III: the label is associated with a document, that is the environmental product declaration.


The task to the communication is to constantly inform the consumer about the impact of the company products on the environment and the lives of everyone by using works and infrastructures. The primary medium are reports, research, audit, data, information. To sum up all these elements it suffices to bring the certification obtained in compliance with international standards dedicated to these specific purposes.

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