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Corporate sustainability: how to measure it?

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The environmental degradation and the growing consumption of prime resources make it necessary to wonder about economy and society becoming more sustainable.

How can the companies make the green transition?


The theme of sustainability and models of performance measurement of organizations has become the central topic for research activities of the QUINN (Engineering University Consortium for Quality and Innovation).

Il testo 

The text “Choosing how to measure sustainability. Guidelines for an informed choice of methods for measuring corporate sustainability” is a new tool to support companies, with a view to improve themselves in the green transition.

This research has been carried out by QUINN in collaboration with ISPRA (Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research).

The volume initially clarifies the purpose of the measurement.
It later provides pratical tips for the choice of the method for the measurement best suited to different organizations, with reference to their dimension and sector.


Analysis of measurement models starts from a preliminary differentiation between rating models and accountability models.

Rating models give a final score to each organization based on its features and performance in terms of sustainability.
This system allows to compare and compete with other companies which have adopted the same model.

On the other hand, accountability models provide assessment on company performance.
Therefore, only an internal comparison can be established, in different time periods.

A high degree of accountability attests that the company is able to recognize with transparency its own environmental impact.

The huge volume contains insights on functioning of measurement methods and, above all, practical advice for small-medium enterprise.

The new guidelines are a great tool for the SME in an attempt to become active players of change.

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