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Gender Gap is a very important topic, especially in this day since today is the International Women’s Day.

Unfortunately, gender equality in the workplace is still far from being a reality in Italy.

What’s the status in Italy and in Europe?

According to data collected in december 2022, the gender gap in Italy still stands around at 18%, while it drops to 10% at European level.

The researches recently carried out on women’s and men’s pay, sadly, confirm this trend.

The average value of gender pay gap, in 2022, stands at 13% in Europe while it rises to 20% considering Italian labour market.

What measures are being taken regarding gender gap?

The Department for Equal Oppurtunities provided a great opportunity for Small-Medium Enterprise, in an attempt to reduce, if not completely remove, the gender gap.

Indeed more than 450 SME, in compliance with certain requirements, will have the chance to get free the UNI/PdR 125:2022 Certification of Gender Equality, introduced by the so-called Gribaudo Law in 2021.

The Department has published a notice for the creation of a listing of the Body of Control accredited for this certification.
By fulfilling the measure planned in NRRP (Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan), the government provides € 5.500.000,00 in funding.

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