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Green economy and effect on society

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green economy

The “Green Economy” has important effect on world society. First of all, on European society,

In Fact, Eruope is not indifferent to climate change, neither in policial terms, nor in social terms, nor in economic terms. The old continent has decided to rely on its institutions to define a package of proposals to make the maneuvers of all sectors more “green”. In other words, to reduce emissions of polluting gases by at east 55% by 2030.

There is not much choice: it was a decision dictated by climate change and its disastrous consequences that are effecting the whole world. In particular, the adherence of regulations to reduce ehese emissions are essential to allow Europe to become the first continent with zero climate impact by making the European Green Deal a reality.

To achieve this goal, many actions are being taken, such as an increase in the use of renewable energy, an increase in the speed of low-emission means of transport and a decrease in fuels. On the other hand, froma fiscal point of view, the various governments are lauching a series of regulations to facilitate the use of green materials not only by companies, but also by citizens.

But what are the legislative proposals?

The legislative proposal, perhaps, with greater impact, concerns the application of the EU emissions trading system to new sectors. In general, the trading system sets a price for carbon and reduces each year the maximum limit applicable to emissions of polluting gases for certain economic sectors. What Europe proposes is that this limit be further lowered, and to completely eliminate the use of polluting materials for the fuel of air and sea transport significantly pollute the environment. For this reason it is of fundamental importance that in these sectors we start to use mainly electricity. In this regard, two initiatives “ReFuelUE aviation” and “RefuelUE maritme” have been created, which will respectively oblige fuel suppliers to increase the percentage of sustainable fuels.

In front of this, what are the true effect of the “Green Economy” on society?

The effects on the “Green Economy” on society are different depending on whether we llook at the short or long term.

If we look at the short term, the social impact of “green” policies is certainly negatives as there will be greater pressure on the most vulnerable families and businesses. In fact, everyone ill have to adopt new methods and tools that will have new costs to bear. But it is clear that, if you look at the long term, the benefits far outweigh the costs.

Just think of cleaner air, greener cities, healthier citizens. But thats’s not all: cheaper bills, nw jobs, new industrial opportunities.

There is no price that is not sustainable if it is compared to the health of the entire community.

To encourage these reansactions, there are many certifications that companies can undertake to achieve, in roder to be already performing on the international market. ESQCERT offers, among all, th ISO 14001 certification this allows the adoption of an internal enviromental managment system recognized internationally by all stakeholders.

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