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In European culture, animal welfare is an issue that deserves respect and importance. National and international governments respond to this type of sensitivity in a increasingly timely manner thanks to issue of guidelines.

The guidelines refer to various elements, such as adeguate nutrition, a suitable physical enviroment, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases, freedom to express one’s behavioral characteristics, the freedom to express fear and discomfort.

The Ministry of Health, therefore, implements a series of methods with the aim of reducing the pain and discomfort of animals to improve their well-being and, consequently, reduce the risks for humans.

What Does Europe provide for animal wellbeing?

The European Union has not remained indifferent to these needs, on the contrary it has defined a series of rules that want to protect animals on farms. To these, specific indications have been added for certain categoies of animals such as calves, pigs and hens.

It is clear, therefore, that for Europe animal welfare is a priority that must be respected for adequate food security. To achieve this goal, special funding has also been put in place to support better farming methods, mainly focused outdoors.

What does the National law provide?

European standards have focused on intensive farming and large-scale distribution because through these channels the consumer demand for meat will continue to be met. In Italy, European guidelines are applied thanks to the issuace, by the Ministr of Health, of the National Plan for animal welfare. This plan provides for the indentification of criteria for adequate treatment of arm animals. Particular attention is paid to cattle which must, if possible, be reared outdoors “on zero grazing”. Recently, the Center has started the practice to introduce specific guidelines also for pigs, following an audit by the European Commission which, in 2017, observed some specific critucalities in Italy.

The regulation on animal welfare are, as can be seen, numerous because the attention of consumer is high.

We at ESQCERT are attentive to all issues of good quality, including those of animal welfare.

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