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logistica e sicurezza

The supply chain and the security need to be considered as intertwined elements.

On the other hand, the effectiveness and the efficiency of the final product depend on all stages of the process that lead to customer final consumption, including the logistics itself.

The logistic, therefore, chain must be organized in a well-defined stream by planning all processes and all activities in detail. ISO standards, especially ISO 28000, contribute to this objective.

  • UNI ISO 28000 which provides guidelines for the international supply chain to harmonize the processes, to record the level of security inside the whole chain or during its phases and, lastly, to meet the international required standards.
  • UNI ISO 28001 which intensifies what has already been established by the standard ISO 2800, but it improves the practices for the implementation of safety and its planning.
  • UNI ISO 28002 which supports organization and development of policies, objectives and programmes, also taking into account the legal requirement.
  • UNI ISO 28003 which contains all the principles that need to be followed by audit bodies in order to manage the supply chain security.
  • UNI ISO 28004 which is divided into three parts: UNI ISO 9004-1, UNI 28004-3, UNI ISO 28004-4. In detail, the standard UNI ISO 29004-1 is dedicated to general principle and it provides general advice on application of the general standard, indicating its basic principles, its input and output. However, there is no additional requirements nor mandatory approaches. The following parts provide an additional guidance to large enterprises medium which are interested in uptake of ISO standard.

Finally, the last part aims to handle the international logistic chains with good practices indicated in the standard.

In general, the main body of the standard is, in other words, a guide on how to respect all the elements present in the international directions adopted by all companies.

We, “Esqcert”, can help you plan your company’s activities in order to improve the quality of logistics processes and to obtain certifications required by international market.

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