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Haccp: support for food safety

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haccp: supporter for food safety

HACCP is a support for food safety, today more than ever.

On the other hand, the food sector has always been subjected to very precise and severe legislation because it must protect consumers.

To this end, the operators operating in the sector must comply with very strict laws as they must work according to precise hygiene procedures to minimize the risks related to the consumption of the food produced.

The first point to achieve this goal is certainly to identify the points of risk in the workplace. In particular, the principles of the HACCP system are the reference parameters fot the food system legislation. They must be respected by both employees and employers.

food sector workers

After this first phase, continuos control is required on the basis of specific indications based on the type of processing that is carried out in that particular place. In the other words, the basis of a careful analysis, a standard procedure is identified that must be applied to maintain a high level of control in order to have an always efficient working process.In other words, on the basis of a careful analysis, a standard procedure is identified that must be applied to maintain a high level of surveillance in order to have an always efficient working process.

How do you get HACCP Certification?

According to Legislative Decree 155/97-Chapter X, the HACCP is mandatory for those who work in the food sector to possess a valid HACCP certificate that certifies the acquisition of the fundamental and necessary skills to be able to operate without risks to the health of consumer.

It is therefore a certificate that can be obtained by attending a course from certified organizations, such as esqcert, through which the notions about microbiology, food conservation, sanitation of equipped facilities and compliance with European laws are transmitted. and national.

In according to the law, those who own a restaurant, a bar, ice cream parlors, pizzerias, pastry shops, bathing estabilishments, casting companies, wholesalers, street vendors, primary producers and anyone who deals with food and drink to produce a self-control manual. The manual must contain all the information relating to the health and hygiene plan adopted by the company on the basis of the HACCP system.

Obviously, it cannot be a standard document, but it must be a document that must, every time, be writtern according to the specifications of the applicant company. In fact, inside, there are very specific indications such as the definition of roles and responsabilities, the description of the products, the type of raw materials used and the programming for staff trading.

How have HACCP parameters adapted to the COVID era?

In this era of pandemic, it becomes essential to prepare a HACCP manual that takes into account the new protocols to reduce the risks associated with Covid19. On the other hand, as already mentioned, HACCP is a valid and strong support for food safety.

Therefore, an integrated system must be put in place with respect to previous one that takes into consideration a whole series of rules that must be respected by those who work to avoid contagion.

It is clear, therefore, that today it becomes essential not only to have a HACCP manual, but also to be constantly update in order to be competitive, but above all I would propose safe products on the market.

Thanks to our consultants, you can be followed in all the steps to avoid legal problems and always be update on how to improve your food production.

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