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Environmental management means not only 14001 certification, but also iso 50001.

In reality, although the ISO 140001 standard is an excellent tool, but it is not the only one that can be adopted in this field. In fact, it is appropriate to analyze the ISO 50001 standard, which is increasingly used by organizations, especially in the last period.

This international standard offers organizations in any sector, both public and private, management strategies that aim at increasing energy efficiency, reducing costs and generally improving energy performance.

What is the latest version of the standard?

The latest version of the standard was published in 2018 aligning itself with the common framework of regulatory standards for enviromental management systems. In this way, the integration between the rules is facilitated and organizations can increase the benefits obtained from the adoption of the same.

Two dates have been set for adopting the new version:

  • February, 20, 2020: from this date onwards, certification bodies must carry out control activities at all certified companies
  • August, 19, 2021: final deadline for adaptation to the new version of the standard. Old certificates will be considered expired.


The ISO 50001 standard is able to build an organization that allows you to adopt a systematic approach for a continuous imprevement of the energy performance of companies, always looking at the obligations required by law.

It is important to underline, however, that the standar has no legal value and is voluntary, but has undisputed benefits including the development of a credible system to feed one’s environmental reputation, continuous monitoring of performance, increase in knowledge of standards.

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