The ISO certification: when and why

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The ISO Certification is for all those companies who want to improve the quality about their product and their organization.

Today, despite their are many certifications, there are some businessmen that ignore o understimate the importance about the ISO certification. Actually, it is an international standard and, it is important to improve brand image.

Why adhere to the ISO certification?

So, the ISO certification defines generic principles that have an important goal: to monitor the production process to evaluate efficiency and effectiveness. The certifications are issued by authorized bodies that must follow tests and procedures defined by law.

Given the grat demand, the audits are different today because there are more systematic inspections to check whether the processes and procedures actually comply with the rules.

What are the pratical advantages of the certification?

For example, you can consider the possibility of partecipating in public tenders, for which certifications are mandatory. The reason is clear: to guarantee a better quality of the product or service for the final customer.

As a result, the request for certifications is spreading considerably in Italy and in Europe, with a notable annual increase.

In fact, the ISO certification means to meet the customer’s needs, certifyng that the characteristics of the product are actually of better quality.

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