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Labels are revolutionizing the food market.

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Labels showed us how they have revolutionized the food market by leveraging consumers growing awareness in their buying process.

The analysis performed by Observatory Immagino, on 58 thousand products sold in supermarkets, shows that consumers are “hungry” for information. In other words, they want to know what’s inside what they consume, both in online and offline sales.

In this context, consumer’s process of choosing and analysing starts from the reading of the labels. These force producers and distributors to give more information.


The companies which picked up on this trend they were able to leverage the new consumer needs.

Indeed, these companies enrich their labels with optional information (claim, images and terms) because they feel the need to describe their brands and products through a “media” – the pack – which ends up directly in the hands of citizens.


The most effective indications in convincing consumers are those that present products as suitable for particular lifestyles. For instance, the vegan one. In the same way, also gluten free or high-fiber products are considered the “best” of the year, representing an increase in sales of 22,8%.

It’s in that context that companies must point to improve their reputation at international level, by gaining more and more sustainability and quality certifications, especially when voluntary.

Indeed, in the imagery of consumer, if the company undertakes to reach high corporate quality levels, it implies that its products are of high quality too and therefore they fall into evaluation of their buying process.

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