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Sustainability starts with mindset changes

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Sustainability is one of the fundamental elements of reputation for companies. After all, once lost, it is very difficult to regain!

A company must conform to more restrictions than in previous years in order to keep up its reputation: environmental impact, conscious production, employment of professional managers.

Indeed today there are 3 dimensions of sustainability:

  • social dimension, intended as well-being for all
  • environmental dimension, to safeguarding the whole planet
  • economic dimension, intended as  effectiveness and efficiency

It is clear that to reconcile these dimensions, companies must show a great responsability and foresight, just like citizens must show a great awareness of consumption.


The sustainable company integrates in its strategies a set of economic and wellness goals.

Many companies, indeed, have as their ultimate goal a common asset, as the quality of services for the benefit of citizens or the high safety of their workers.

All these activities bring companies to achieve a strategic market position, putting barriers to entry more challenging to overcome. Specularly, the companies themselves obatain results that are difficult to find elsewhere: greater internal effiency, more engagement and cooperation among workers.

Finally, we should not forget the information advantages obtained thanks to dialogue with consumers.


If companies achieve all these advantages, they should, in return, make many financial committments.

If a company intended as sustainable, promotes employee partecipation, then it is clear that the cost for business owners to support responsible co-workers gets higher.
On the whole, sustainability requires to be mindfully pursued, activating new analytical tools and management instruments. Evaluation internal system needs to be rethought to bring together the economic, social and environmental results.

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