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What is the brand?

The Brnad is a real business asset, even if intangible.

As business asset, the brand is the major of the company’s value.

But, actually, what is the value of a brand?

It’s not easy to evaluate a brand, but there are some moments, in the life of a company, when it is necessary to evaluate a brand. For example, when there is an assignment or licens agreement fot rhe corporate brand.

There are some moments that used to evaluate a brand, together or alternating between them, but it is important to assert that there is no unique method to evaluate a brand:

  • Method based on profitability
  • Method based on historical cost
  • Method based on market

There methods lead to a different results, depending on wheter the brand is registered or not. In fact, if the brand is registered it brings profibaility because the owner is the only one can use it.

How are brand evaluation management systems adopetd?

To evaluate a brand is necessary ye expertise by a technician. He has to evaluate if there is an autonomous value and if there are territorial rights.

This phase is very important because it is identifies which method to apply for the best evaluation of the bramd. In fact, the brand is a part of the…

company godwill.

Obviously, such an important asset need an international management systems, such as ISO 16088: 2010. This certification specifies the requirements, procedures and methods of measuring the monetary value of the brand.

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