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ISO 14001: why?

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In recent years, there have been many natural disasters.
For this reason, companies have focused attention on respecting the environment.

Infact, in every country there have been important legal innovation to ensure enviromental protection. So, the companies must respect legal innovation to avoid sanctions and promote their identity on the international market.

The ISO 14001 is an important standard i this context because it is the main reference.

Every productive company can ask to join to the standard ISO 14001, but it is very important especially for those companies that carry out activities with consequences on the enviroment.

Obviously, the committent of these companies must be controlled by external companies, that check compliance with certification. In this way, ISO 14001 is the most important tool that the companies can use to join on the international market, to respect the enviroment, integrating this principle with its own production activities.

So, the company will have important help to avoid enviromental sanctions, increasingly severe.

In addition, thanks to certification, the company will be able to increase its credibility for the consumers and other stakeholder, with the most motivated and productive staff.