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ISO 9001 between news and confirmations

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At the end of 2021, the official confirmation that the standard ISO 9001 will be valid for the next five years came.

The standard ISO 9001 is widely spread and is recognized worldwide, but nevertheless the epochal events which we are living made changes and adjustments of ethic and sustainable origin necessary.

Indeed, in the next five years the organisations, if they want to be competitive in the eyes of the stakeholders, have to adopt a certificated quality management system that goes hand in hand with a good organizational sense and an ethic code.

What developments are waiting for us?

It is easily predictable that there will be a renewal of the standard with the aim of incorporating all the new activities now indispensable for any companies (customer experience, emerging technologies, relations with management systems..). In other words, it is about trying to incorporate all these new activities in a management system which is able to appropriately meet all the internal and external solicitations to which it can be exposed.

iso 9001

Italy is the second country to the world (after China) to grasp the importance and the potentiality of the certifications. Nowadays, our country can boast 130 thousand certificated organizations that obtained an increase of the quality of their organizational systems.
On the other hand, unfortunately only some countries have already guessed that today the consumer is aware of his own rights such as being all-round informed about the company and the product/service which he choose to consume.

It is a true mental and behavioral revolution of the consumer which turns from the one who undergoes to the one who acts “forcing” the company to develop transversal skills, to pay attention to the entire production chain and to offer a truthful communication which is respectful of the current standards.

ESQCERT strongly believes in the advantages, also in terms of profit, that companies can obtain, achieving quality certifications and it’s for this reason that ESQCERT is available for any consultancy.

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